In 2018, Mazzucconi will be adding additional production capacity for its low-pressure die-casting activities. In total, we will install five new Mazzucconi low-pressure die-casting machines in this year only. Further low-pressure die-casting machines are set to be installed during the next year.

Two additional machines are being installed at our historical Ponte San Pietro headquarter plant. These two machines will be entirely dedicated to the production of suspension components and structural parts for two of our premium OEM clients..

Furthermore, we are expanding the production capacity at the San Possidonio plant with three additional low-pressure die-casting machines. Two machines will be dedicated to the production of suspension components and one machine will be dedicated to the production of cylinder blocks at the San Possidonio plant, in order to meet the strongly inceasing demand.

Our low-pressure die-casting machines are designed in house and suited to meet the highest level of efficiency and reliability required for our production.