Mazzucconi acquires major new cylinder head business

Mazzucconi is proud to announce it has acquired a major new cylinder head project. Mazzucconi will supply the new 3-cylinder petrol engine cylinder head to one of the main European premium OEM's. This cylinder head project will generate approximately € 90 million of turnover and the SOP is planned for 2021. Development activities on the project have started immediately.

This specific petrol engine will find it's application in a wide range of vehicles and will be used for propulsion of the petrol engine versions as well as the hybrid versions of these vehicles. Against the background of shifting volumes from diesel to petrol engines and the general trend towards engine downsizing and hybrid vehicles, the future development of the 3-cylinder engine is to be considered positively. With this strategic acquisition Mazzucconi reinforces it's position on the market as a reliable source for cylinder head production.