Mazzucconi produces components for steering systems, suspension systems and powertrain, in the full respect of the elevated qualitative standards of its clients. Its products are produced in high-pressure die casting, low-pressure die casting or gravity casting, finished by machining and assembly.


Mazzucconi produces over 3 million steering housings in high-pressure die casting per year for the major tier-1 steering gear producers in Europe.

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Mazzucconi is one of the few suppliers, operating in the field of the most prestigious powertrain components in terms of geometry and metallurgical characteristics: cylinder heads and engine blocks.

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In recent years, car manufacturers have increased the application of aluminium components in suspension systems in order to reduce the weight of their vehicles.

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Mazzucconi optimizes and manages all of the activities regarding the development and prototyping with the goal of satisfying all customer requirements by customizing the production process and by working in team in order to find the solution that guarantees the best result.


For over a century, Mazzucconi has been operating in the field of industrial castings, producing components starting from the aluminum casting up to the machined part and final assembly.